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Lower Body

BeautiFill by Alma Lasers

BeautiFill by Alma Lasers has revolutionized the process of body contouring and natural fat grafting. The BeautiFill device combines laser, gentle liposuction, and processing of fat cells all in one step. This unique process creates fat cells with very high viability for transfer. Beautifill fat can be used to fill and smooth all areas of the face including the temples, cheeks, smile lines, lips and jawline.

How does BeautiFill Work?

The laser technology in BeautiFill gently heats the tissue that surrounds fat cells allowing for gentle removal of fat from the tissues. This laser technology also helps reduce risks such as swelling, bruising, and bleeding that traditional liposuction poses, making the Beautifill liposuction a safer procedure. By utilizing very low liposuction pressures, this system not only reduces trauma it increases the integrity of the fat harvested.  This high-quality fat is immediately available for grafting due to the Beautifill’s all in one fat processing system.

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