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What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable cosmetic filler designed to treat deep facial wrinkles, lines, or folds. It works by improving the structure of the skin from the inside, through stimulating your body’s production of collagen. Collagen is a key structural element of the skin, giving skin its youthful volume, suppleness, and tightness. Collagen is lost as part of the natural aging process, causing the skin to sag and develop lines and wrinkles. By restoring collagen, Radiesse is able to dramatically improve the appearance of skin, and reduce facial lines and wrinkles.

What areas does Radiesse treat?

Some of the more common uses of Radiesse include:

  • Adding volume to sunken temples

  • Non-surgical nose reshaping

  • Lifting, volumizing, and contouring cheeks

  • Smoothing nasolabial folds (the “smile lines” running from the nose to the corners of the mouth)

  • Defining and shaping the jawline

  • Smoothing marionette lines (the long vertical lines around the mouth and chin)

  • Volumizing jowls

  • Volumizing sunken areas on the back of the hands

How does it work?

Radiesse is unlike most other dermal fillers because it is made from calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), a natural compound found throughout the body. Radiesse works by stimulating natural collagen production, which provides the skin with the support and lift it needs to reduce lines and wrinkles.