Flawless offers a range of anti-aging, medical aesthetics, hair salon, and nail salon services. Our medical professionals use the latest FDA approved and minimally invasive anti-aging treatments to achieve and mantain a natural, youthful looking appearance. These state of the art procedures are performed by our skilled and certified staff in a warm and comforting spa setting. Our staff of licensed cosmetologists indulge you in a full menu of services that will help you look your best while melting away your stress. 



We have a full service salon offering cuts, colors, highlights, styles, and much more! Keep in mind that each stylist uses their own color line and may have slightly different prices.

Forever Young BBL

What if there was a treatment that could slow down the aging clock and keep you forever young?


A recent study from Stanford University has discovered a true "Fountain of Youth" in the form of BroadBand Light treatments. With this exciting new work from the Department of Dermatology at Stanford University we have scientific evidence that BroadBand Light modulates genetic expression, repairing skin and returning it to a more youthful state.   


Sciton Forever Young BBL™ is the only device that has been shown to change the expression of genes associated with aging, longevity, and increased lifespan. With regular Forever Young BBL™ treatments, patients' skin looks clear, smooth, and much younger.


Skin issues like acne, redness, and hyperpigmentation start below the skin's surface, which is why topical products alone are often ineffective. Reaching the source of the problem requires an advanced treatment like Forever Young BBL™. Broadband Light technology offers safe, non-invasive treatments that can be customized to your individual skin type and conditions. Forever Young BBL™ treatments provide exceptionally effective skin rejuvenation treatments with minimal discomfort and "downtime".


Men and women of all ages who wish to improve their skin condition can be treated. Depending on the severity of the individual problem a series of six treatment sessions is generally recommended at three to four weeks intervals. Most times, you can return to work the same day and resume all regular activities. The most common side effect is a slight redness or mild swelling in the treated area that disappears within a few hours. The results are typically seen in two to four weeks and improvements will continue with follow up treatments.


Forever Young BBL™ treatments can be performed safely on non-facial skin of the neck, chest, hands, back, arms, abdomen and legs; the areas where it is unsafe and unwise to use chemicals and some Lasers. If you would like outstanding results come see us today.


Conditions treated with Forever Young BBL:

  • Telangiectasias - commonly known as facial spider veins or broken blood vessels.
  • Rosacea (red face) - affecting the skin of the face around the nose, chin, and cheeks causing a blush or sunburned look.
  • Angiomas - small red spots which may be slightly raised or just beneath the surface of the skin.
  • Port Wine Stain Birthmarks - vascular lesions that grow rapidly after birth and may impair the function of another organ.
  • Pigmentation Problems - brown age-spots and other signs of sun-damage. Forever Young BBL™ treatments can significantly reduce this uneven pigmentation.
  • Photoaging or Sun Damage - skin that has fine wrinkles, brown spots, freckles, irregular pigmentation, coarse or rough appearance, large pores and a dull texture.
  • Acne Scars - may be visibly improved with Forever Young BBL™ treatments that induce collagen formation in the dermis.

At Flawless you can feel confident that you are receiving the best Forever Young BBL™ treatment available, as our medical professionals received comprehensive instruction and certification by the renowned dermatologist and creator of the Forever Young BBL™ procedure, Dr. Patrick Bitter. 

Botox Cosmetic

Botox Cosmetic injections are used to reduce wrinkles caused by facial expression. Clients request Botox Cosmetic to have a more relaxed refreshed appearance. Botox Cosmetic wrinkle treatment is a quick and minimally invasive procedure consisting of a few tiny injections for relaxing lines and wrinkles.


What is Botox Cosmetic used to treat?

Common treatment areas include:

  • Between brows

  • Forehead lines

  • Brow lift

  • Crow's feet


No anesthesia is required. Although you may see a marked improvement, a treatment with Botox Cosmetic does not make you look like you've "had work done". You can expect to see results within 3 to 10 days after your treatment, and the visible results will last 3 to 4 months.


Flawless Medical Spa staff will help you determine which options are best for you. For some clients several dermal fillers and Botox Cosmetic injections are used at once to obtain the desired effect. Schedule your free consultation today.


Juvéderm Injectable Gel is a smooth consistency gel made of hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance in your skin) that helps to add volume and hydration. Hyaluronic acid may diminish with age, contributing to the formation of wrinkles and folds. Juvéderm Injectable Gel works to correct this by restoring hyaluronic acid in your skin, helping to smooth wrinkles and folds. Because Juvéderm Injectable Gel is a simple, nonsurgical treatment, there is minimal recovery or downtime.

There are two formulations of Juvéderm®, Juvéderm® Ultra and Juvéderm® Ultra Plus. The main difference is Juvéderm® Ultra Plus is a more robust formula used for deeper wrinkles and lines providing enhanced correction.


What does a Juvéderm Dermal Filler Treat?

The smooth consistency gel helps to restore instantly your skin's volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds, like your "smile lines" or "parentheses" (nasolabial folds - the creases that run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth). Your healthcare professional eases Juvéderm Injectable Gel under the skin to provide a smooth, natural look and feel, so everyone will notice (but no one will know)!


How long does Juvéderm last?

Both Juvéderm Ultra and Juvéderm Ultra Plus provide 6 to 12 months correction.

Flawless Medical Spa's clinical staff will help you determine which filler is best for you.


All of our fillers are FDA approved and do not require an allergy testing.

Medically Managed Weight Loss Program

We are excited to offer a medically managed, comprehensive weight loss program! Our program is designed to help you lose weight safely and effectively, and maintain your weight loss long-term. We work closely with each client to develop a personalized weight loss plan that takes into account personal health goals, medical conditions and physical limitations. During the program our staff will help you develop healthy eating habits and guide you in making lifestyle changes, so that you are able to lose weight today and keep it off tomorrow.Say good-bye to the fad diets and “cult” dieting programs as well the dreaded “yo-yo” many commercial diet programs cause. We take a comprehensive and balanced approach that helps you achieve sustained and long-term weight loss. 

Acne Reduction


Broad Band Light (BBL) has now proven to be helpful in the treatment of acne. In many cases, this offers an alternative to oral medications such as Accutane or long-term antibiotics. The shorter wavelengths of BBL, in the blue-light spectrum, attack p-acne bacteria on the surface and in the sebaceous gland. Along with a home skincare program designed for acne-prone skin, you can experience significant long-term clearance.


How does the BBL treatment work?

Sciton BBL is a FDA approved treatment that utilizes a blue filter to selectively target the p-acnes bacteria that are partially responsible for acne in the skin.


What is the treatment like?

A thin layer of gel is applied to your skin, followed by the BBL treatment. Most patients have minimal discomfort. Treatment sessions last 20-30 minutes.


What should I expect after treatment?

After treatment is completed, some may experience temporary reddening and and minimal swelling of the acne, and surrounding skin for 1-2 days. This is transient and usually associated with minimal to no downtime. Makeup can be applied immediately, if desired.


How many treatments will I need?

To achieve maximum improvement with BBL, a series of 8-9 weekly treatments is most effective. Most patients will need periodic touch up treatments ranging from monthly to every 6 months, depending on your acne type and severity.


Are you bothered by a red complexion, fine wrinkles, uneven skin color, or enlarged pores? Phototherapy can help correct these conditions and produce an even, more youthful appearance that improves your self-confidence.

How Does Phototherapy Work?

Phototherapy treatment is a low-risk, non-surgical treatment that uses intense, pulsed light energy to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin. Flawless Medical Spa uses the safest and most comfortable device currently available. The energy prompts your body to produce collagen, which brings about healthier, smoother skin.

Phototherapy can be done basically anywhere on your body. Most patients undergo five to eight, treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. You'll have no downtime and can return to your daily activities as soon as the treatment is over.

Which Skin Conditions Can Be Treated?

Phototherapy can erase skin damage and treat a variety of skin conditions, such as the following:

  • Broken capillaries and spider veins
  • Sun and smoke damage
  • Mild acne scars
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dull complexions
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Pigmented freckles and age spots
  • Rosacea
  • Liver spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles


Facial services:
All facials include a cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extraction, masque, massage, moisturization and toning.

Signature Spa Facial

Feel relaxed and flawless with this anti-aging facial. Designed to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones. This facial helps promote hydration, leaving the skin with a youthful glow.



Microcurrent Facial:
Low levels of electricity that mirror the body's own natural electrical current, triggering chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, and provides circulatory benefits,


Body Wraps & Treatments

Body Treatments

Mining City Scrub $70

A signature treatment, begins with an invigorating sugar/salt scrub with our Vichy Shower. A customized cream is then applied to seal and hydrate the skin. Leaving the skin feeling soft and renewed. 45 minutes


All massages are specifically tailored to the clients needs. Massages available include Swedish, deep tissue, pre natal, aromatherapy, and facial massage.

30 min= $60    60 min= $80    90 min= $105    120 min= $130 

Vichy Rain Therapy 1/2 hour= $65

The Flawless Escape: Includes all spa additions. Incorporates a variety of massage techniques customized to the individual needs of each client: 2 hours= $190

Massage Spa Add Ons: 


Paraffin Treatment: $20 

Hot Stone Therapy: $25     

Reflexology Treatment (1/2 hour): $35   

Vichy Shower Body Scrub or Firming Mud/Seaweed Wrap (1/2 hour): $65


Millions of women are bothered by spider veins and superficial varicose veins, those small yet unsightly clusters of red, blue, or purple veins that most commonly appear on the thighs, calves, and ankles. In fact, it's estimated that at least half of the adult female population is plagued with this common cosmetic problem. Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical outpatient procedure designed to diminish the appearance of spider veins and smaller, superficial varicose veins. Regardless of body location, including legs and the face, unsightly veins can be removed with sclerotherapy.


How Does Sclerotherapy Work?

In this rather simple procedure, veins are injected directly with a sclerosing solution, which causes them to collapse and fade from view. The introduction of sclerosing agents that are mild enough to be used in small veins has made sclerotherapy predictable and relatively painless. The procedure may also remedy the bothersome symptoms associated with spider veins, including aching, burning, swelling, and night cramps.

Teeth Whitening

Make those pearly whites shine like new.


Whitening of the teeth is performed for patients who desire a brighter smile. Tooth whitening can be performed to reduce discoloration and staining, or simply to provide the patient with whiter, brighter teeth.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are professionally applied by our certified lash specialists to give you long, beautiful, naturally looking eyelashes. These semi-permanent lashes require minimal care, and are perfect for daily wear and active lifestyles. Flawless is currently using Bella Lashes

Laser Hair Removal

At Flawless Nail Salon and Medical Spa we can remove hair from virtually any part of your body including: bikini area, axilla (under arms), face, and legs, to name a few. We perform professional laser hair removal services for both men and women in our comfortable and private environment.


What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair from virtually any part of your body. Unlike waxing, shaving, or electrolysis, you get permanent reduction with each treatment. Six to nine treatments are generally needed for optimal results. Professional laser hair removal provides permanent hair reduction, according to the FDA, because it offers long term stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment regimen.


What is the laser hair removal process?

A beam of light is passed over the skin, disabling every hair follicle in the area being treated. Flawless Medical Spa uses BBL technology, administered by trained and medically supervised staff, with maximum efficacy and safety.


What results can I expect from laser hair removal?

With laser hair removal treatments you can expect significant permanent hair reduction to the point that temporary hair removal methods are seldom, if ever, are necessary. However, due to hormonal changes, hair color and skin tone, some clients may need a few additional treatments in order to achieve their personal level of desired results.


Spa Manicure

Your hands are first treated to a soothing soak in a warm, aromatic bath. Nails are then expertly shaped and cuticles are treated to make your hands look their best. A moisturizing lotion massage and a polish color of your choice finish the treatment.


Deluxe Spa Manicure

Indulge your hands in this lavish experience that starts with an aromatic hand soak, nail shaping and gentle cuticle treatment. You're then pampered with a warm paraffin wax dip and moisturizing hand massage. A polish color of your choice tops it all off.


Spa Pedicure

Pamper yourself and your feet by receiving this soothing treatment in the luxury of a massaging pedicure chair. We start with a warm, aromatic foot bath followed by gentle skin exfoliation and nail shaping. Next we add a relaxing foot massage and finish with a polish color or your choice.


Deluxe Spa Pedicure

This divine experience begins with you relaxing in one of our luxurious massaging pedicure chairs, while enjoying a soothing foot soak in a warm, aromatic bath. Your feet are then gently exfoliated and nails are shaped. The pampering continues with a warm paraffin wax dip and complete foot massage. A polish of your choice completes this heavenly treatment.


Shellac Nail Polish

The original, one and only Power Polish. It's a true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear nail color! It goes on beautifully, wears beautifully, dries immediately and removes with no damage.


Additional Nail Services

Additional nail services provided include French polish, nail art, nail repair, polish change, shellac soak off, and acrylic soak off.

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